Healthcare matters. I want to make sure that our communities have access to modern preventative care, reasonable insurance pricing, and quality outpatient resources. By doing so is not just a moral prerogative, but is also fiscally clever. With the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Georgians will now have access to healthcare like never before.

I put in effort to ensure and support keeping Medicaid intact or any replacement of it. With the current struggles over the Affordable Care Act and current administrations to serve 14 to 15 million Americans, we are heading in the wrong direction. Healthcare should be granted as a right, not a privilege. We should be focusing on maturing the Affordable Care Act and resolving some of the problems so that the number of people covered increases.This way, the cost should decrease while competition increases.

Governor Deal should expand Medicaid in accordance to the provisions provided for the Affordable Care Act, allowing thousands of vulnerable Georgians accessibility to medical care at a price which is far lower than it would cost to implement normally. In addition to expanding Medicaid, an overhaul of the Peachcare system would insure many of our state’s poor children, who currently have no option for medical assistance.

With every extra penny on the dollar sales tax we pay, Georgia can insure every child with money left to spare, from pre-natal to college coverage. A penny for the kids could pay for itself when taking to account the additional businesses and jobs that relocate here due to our beneficial treatment of our workers. To have progress on health care, we must ensure that it works for you.

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