Immigration plays a vital role in the 5th District which has been deemed as a melting pot of cultures and diversity. Immigration is a prominent concern among my constituents, many of whom have struggled to come to the United States thanks to the complex, outdated laws in our system.

I continue to support an immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for longtime residents and their families as long as they have paid taxes and late fines, do not have criminal records, and learn English in order to remain here. I also impose local efforts to target those foreign born or of foreign descent who are faced with discriminatory treatment and harassment from xenophobic people. These immigrants should also be granted with the right to attend school and gain a driver’s license. If permitted with a driver’s license, less insured individuals would roam the streets, thus decreasing insurance cost for everyone in the state of Georgia.

I desire to fix the problem, not the symptoms. Especially in such a politically charged time right now with the executive orders, the issue and solution to immigration should be addressed promptly. Walls are not the answer to our problems. Everyone qualified should be allowed to reside in Georgia regardless of their immigration status. There should be no discrimination.

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