Curt On The Issues

I will work for solutions that help you fix the everyday issues you face

Curt On The Issues

I will work for solutions that help you fix the everyday issues you face

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After over ten years of being in the state government, the current leadership in both the State Legislature and the Governor’s Mansion has failed us. Their lack of foresight, dedication to public interest, and all-around absence of real leadership are unprecedented. It takes my breath away. They’ve played politics trying to “one up” one another.

They’ve pulled hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the public schools, balanced the state budget by throwing federal stimulus dollars at it, and dithered on transportation plans while the traffic gridlock worsens. Not only did they fail to develop any real plan to restore economic growth, but they were also unsuccessful in trying to grow new small businesses and protect home values. Their politics blew it when it came to enacting a real ethics reform that was anything more than window dressing. To simply put it, they are squandering our future by “delaying and spending.” Eventually, we will have to pay the bill sooner or later for their present irresponsibility.

Here’s the bottom line. They’ve raised our taxes. We just haven’t gotten the bill yet.

It’s time for a change.

My goal as your State Senator has always been to work for solutions to help resolve the everyday issues you face. Issues like the ones when you sit down late at night around the kitchen table to pay your bills are what really matter. So, forget the politics. I want to continue working for real solutions to real problems. Here’s my agenda.

There are many other issues at hand like the everyday affairs that impact your lives. I want to craft solutions. Inform me about the issues that matter to you. Let me hear about the common sense fixes that you know are required. I want to hear from you – that’s my job!

I listen.

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